In collaboration with Diva Agar for The Soul Lounge @ soft/WALL/studs

Featuring Atiq, Zeha H and Norah Lea


"Enter the soul lounge / here for reparations / come thirsty

For queer and brown solidarity
serving community, profiting off the majority"


Bujang *apok is a collaborative performance and spoken word piece through the poetic voices of Atiq, Zeha and Norah Lea as they navigate through life experiences of racism, religion, what it means to be Malay, queerness and love. The performance is in response to the space in The Soul Lounge and the values it espouses. 

Bujang *pok was performed on the 5th of August at soft/WALL/studs as part of The Soul Lounge's Event 3: Don't Wish Me Well.  It was also re-staged for the publication launch of Ruang Sunyi at the Independent Archive on the 13th September 2018.