Siapa Nama Kamu? (2019)

Siapa Nama Kamu is a collaborative performance piece by:

  1. Alysha Rahmat Shah

  2. Aqilah

  3. Dia Sabrina-Lim

  4. Div

  5. Iffah Rakinah

  6. ila

  7. Isabella Andrews

  8. Jannah Suhaimi

  9. Kamiliah Maimon-Bahdar

  10. Mysara Aljaru

  11. Mudassar Ahmad

  12. Norah Lea

  13. Ra

  14. Zaza

  15. Zeha H

The performance is in response to the blank space in Norah Lea’s Past & Present Lives of ________. The name of the performance piece references from Chua Mia Tee’s iconic painting National Language Class as depicting Singaporeans of different ethnicities freeing themselves from English, the language of their colonial masters, by learning Malay, the national language of Singapore, Malaya and the Malay world.

Unpacking the identity politics present within Past & Present Lives of _____, this performance is an extension of the conversation of identities, that are often hidden in plain sight, within the pro-colonialist mandated narrative of Singapore and the Nusantara.

Siapa Nama Kamu? was performed at ‘Matter of Absence’, a photographic exhibition part of the NTU School of Art, Design and Media’s 2019 graduation showcase.