Siapa Dia Norah Lea? is a self-portrait series questioning the validity of the artist’s perceived self through performances of almost stereotypical and various portrayals of gender and cultural identities.

Earlier this year, Norah Lea came to terms with her transgender identity. When requested to be addressed by her new name, she was almost immediately asked the question “Who is Norah Lea?” More than often, Norah Lea was perceived as a separate character.


The project initially began as an exploration of iconic feminine figures in Singapore but slowly became an exploration as to how portrayals of the artist can make or break her identity, especially through a medium like photography. Mediums such as photography and film allow the suspension of disbelief and can validate the existence of even fictional characters. In real life however, the authenticity of a person’s identity, regardless of race, religion, sexuality or gender identity, is more than often questioned.


So…who do you think is the real Norah Lea?