contemplation/reclamation (2018)

Image by  Joseph Nair

Image by Joseph Nair

In collaboration with Chand Chandramohan, Div, Diva Agar, Ila Ila, Priyageetha Dia and Vimal Kumar

For Yen Phang’s I.D (The Body’s Still Warm) @ 42 Cambridge Road #07-07

“will you love us now that the brown has turned to gold?”

I.D. (The Body's Still Warm) uses the forum of a housewarming to explore the idea of the modern home as membrane, one which balances a separation of the interior and exterior, as well as allowing for porosity and passage. 

Set within a 4-room HDB flat, the artwork will pay tribute to and also challenge notions of interior design, as well as explore the idea of the art object as physical stand-in for our subjective relationships, either between artists as friends and colleagues, between the maker and the viewer, or between each practitioner's current and past/future selves. 

What do we welcome into our homes, and what do we keep out? What happens when we bring ecologies together to intersect, and to inhabit a communal space? What psychic imprints will the artworks leave behind? What can we do with each other as artists in our most private places ... while the body is still warm.

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contemplation/reclamation was performed on the 23rd of October 2018.