NORAH LEA (b. 1993, Singapore) is a multidisciplinary artist whose works investigate the performative aspects of our identities. Her work is rooted in self-portraiture, exploring themes such as gender, sexuality and ethnicity through photography, film, performance and spoken word.




2019 The Raya Show at Coda Culture

2019 My _____, Your _____, Their ______ at The Reference, Seoul, Korea

2019 Backstage at Stamford Arts Centre [Note: Mother & Son was taken off exhibition display on the 9th of March as an action against the show’s inclusion of known sexual predator, Chun Kai Qun.]

2019 A State of Affairs (Or The Way Things Are) at DECK 

2018 Coda: 2018 Annual Show

2018 Deciphering Clothes: The Troublemakers’ Wardrobe by Hatch Art Project

2018 Malais A Trois at 233 Joo Chiat Road #03-02 by sobandwine

2018 The Local People’s AC | DC Power Station Art Market at Pasir Panjang Power Station

2018 Waning, Waxing at ION Art Gallery


2018 In Love at Coda Culture



2019 Causegay: A Malaysia X Singapore LGBT+ Collaboration

2019 Siapa Nama Kamu? for Matter of Absence @ ADM Grad Show 2019

2019 Speakeasy: The Boss Ass Bitch Edition

2019 contemplation/reclamation: Jiwa for A State of Affairs (Or The Way Things Are)

2018 Othered Tongues - An Evening of Spoken Word for Other Tongues Festival

2018 contemplation/reclamation for I.D (The Body’s Still Warm)

2018 President’s Young Talents 2018 opening performance for Zarina Muhammad at 8Q@SAM

2018 Restaging of Bujang *apok for Ruang-Sunyi Publication Launch

2018 Contradiction XIV by Indignation SG

2018 In Your Image for The Local People’s AC | DC Power Station Art Market at Pasir Panjang Power Station

2018 Bujang *apok for The Soul Lounge @ soft/WALL/studs by Diva Agar

2018 BooksActually X Destination Ink’s Spoken Word event for The World’s Loneliest Bookstore

2018 Transit III by Indignation SG

2018 Destination: INK [Pride Edition]

2018 Destination: INK [Love is a verb]


2019 Popular Photography Magazine China: March 2019

2019 A Closer Look For Singapore Art Book Fair | Interview #2: Norah Lea

2019 Constellations: Humanities at NTU #3: Boys Like Blue, Girls Like Pink

2018 Sandmag: Exercising Performance in Art

2018 Frieze Issue 198: Norah Lea Reclaims the Transgender Experience from Mainstream Media

2018 Objects Lessons Space: Norah Lea on Accessibility, The Performance of Love and Representing A Queer Narrative On Her Own Terms

2018 Experience Singapore by Ministry of Foreign Affairs Issue 66: New and Noteworthy

2018 The Local Rebel #2: Mandi Bunga by Norah Lea

2017 Swee Zine: In Love by Norah Lea

2017 Culturepush: In Love by Norah Lea


2019 QUEER Central by Skrrrt Central at The Moon

2018 Panel Speaker, ‘Letters from an Otherness inside Otherness’ Panel, moderated by Alfian Saat for Other Tongues Festival

2018 Guest Speaker, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, School of Art and Design, Fine Art Year 3 Photography students

2018 Panel Speaker, The Local Rebel Panel on ‘Intersectional Feminism’ at AWARE Singapore


2019 Reclaiming Nusantara? at NTU Center for Contemporary Art, Singapore

2019 LBTQ Feel Tank on Emotional Wellbeing & Self-Care: Self Care through Zine-Making

2018 Siapa Dia Wanita Nusantara at NTU’s School of Art, Design & Media